October 02, 2010


After the hot & humid summer, the weather cooled quickly.

Since I came back from Taiwan, I started working full time after 14 months of "non-volunteered retirement". In a way I am very happy that my life is back to an orderly fashion, but it's been hectic at the same time. So much so that I have not been able to muster any energy to knit at all.

When I saw the announcement for ISE9 I just have to join the fun!!

Not only did I miss the last 2 rounds (not sure how I did that), but also in order to get myself motivated, I signed up for this round. I have been looking up a storm for scarf patterns. There are so many great ones out there, I cannot make up my mind.

Got my pal's info yesterday, I have someone who loves bright colours, have 2 kids + pets. I love bright colours, too, so it would be a piece of cake knitting a scarf with the bright colours.

Now I just have to decide which pattern to knit for my pal.... then look for yarn....