April 30, 2009

[WIP/編織中] 棉花糖 Cotton Candy Socks

打完[二月小姐]後突然兩手空空怪怪的, 就把原本想帶去義大利打的襪線拿出來開打了[不一樣的襪子]

After finishing February Lady Sweater, all of a sudden I found my hands empty and not sure what to do with them, so I started the "Toe Up with a Difference" socks using the yarn I was going to take with me to Italy.

Designer/原作者: Wendy Johnson
Pattern/織圖: Toe Up with a Difference
Yarn/線材: 2球 Crystal Palace Panda Cotton Print #0432, 59% bamboo/竹纖, 25% cotton/棉, 16% elastic nylon/伸縮尼龍
Needle/針碼: 2.25mm

This is where the Difference is.

April 26, 2009

[FO/完成] February Lady Sweater 二月小姐外套

終於昨天將[二月小姐]打好. 加上扣子後試穿, 胸部稍微緊些, 但是下水洗過會尺寸剛好.
我打的尺寸是 37.5 的. 用線快800g. 袖子只有打過手肘, 實在是因為很重.

Finally, I finished the February Lady Sweater yesterday. Tried it on, a tad tight on the chest, however, after first wash, it should just be perfect.

I knitted the 37.5 Chest measurement size, used nearly 800g yarn. My sleeves are just pass the elbows, as the garment is really heavy.

天氣也轉熱, 這件就暫時收起來到秋天在出來與大家見面囉.

The weather has been so warm, I can't even put it on, so it's going to be packed away till Fall.

April 16, 2009

[WIP] TKA 2009-04

So, I was happily knitting along the increase rounds, then I knocked over my coffee mug and it spilled all over my cardigan!! (That'll teach me, coffee mug full of coffee and knitting projects don't go togehter)

Anyway, I had to unravel and start all over. For some reasons, I just couldn't get it going, and decided to change yarn, and the color is Royal Purple.

The actual color is a bit darker, more eggplant.

So far so good, I have now knitted 7 repeats of the lace pattern.

P.S. My old laptop died, I am using my daughter's. New one has been ordered.

April 07, 2009

[編織中/WIP] TKA 2009-04 February Lady Sweater

決定用春香綠的線來打TKA 2009-04後昨天開始跟著翻譯好的織圖測織.

這可能有偷跑的嫌疑, 可是很多時候在翻譯時不覺得有任何不妥, 但是在邊看邊打時突然會發現翻譯的地方可以再修改成更能了解. 果然沒錯, 已經有兩處要注意的事項. 在此我不列出, 等e-mail發出時會一併寫.

目前打到[過肩加針段]的第14個重複. 這是最難熬的一步, 總覺得很無聊. 不過一旦打到身體蕾絲花的部位時就會比較要小心也會比較好玩.

織圖: February Lady Sweater
作者: Pamela Wynn
線材: 100% 美麗諾
針碼: 4.5mm/5.5mm 輪針與雙頭針
開打日: 2009-04-06

Regina也打得差不多了, 可以去參考一下. 這回真的要很謝謝Regina的即時通知, 讓我在翻譯時更加容易.