February 22, 2009

[WIP/編織中] 襪子 Socks

After 2 weeks of fighting flu, finally I am feeling much better. The weirdest thing is that I could not continue the sock I started before I got sick. After looking at the half knitted sock for a few days, I ripped it out and put the yarn away.

與流感抗戰了兩星期後總算又覺得像個人樣了. 很奇怪的是我就是提不起勁來繼續打在生病前開打的TKA襪子. 雙眼瞪著它幾天後決定拆, 把線就收起來了.

Yesterday, I took out another sock yarn and started another pair of socks.

昨天, 我拿出另一組線又開打了另一雙襪子

Start Date/開打日: 2009-02-21
Pattern/圖樣: Fingeringweight Toe-up Slipstitch Heel Sock by Wendy Johnson
Yarn/線: Opal Feeling 75% wool/羊毛 25% Polyamid/人造纖維
Colour/顏色: 1701 verigated/段染
Needle/針碼: 2.25mm (US#1)

Personally, I am not fond of figure 8 cast on method, simply because it's rather awkard to do. However, I did not want to use another method, just in case.

個人的觀點是我並不喜歡8字型的起針法因為滿彆扭的. 可是又怕萬一就硬撐下去了.

After the cast on, I have about 4" from toe and it was going pretty well, can't wait to finish it.

起完針後還算一路順手. 已經打了約4英吋長了, 想趕快將它打好.


Anonymous said...

I love this colour, it brighten up my day.


Anonymous said...

saw this clip, thought you might be interested to watch the yarn show and ideas.



Margaret said...

Can you find the clip again?
Not sure which page to go to.


Anonymous said...

I can't find it any more. But, today she is advertising for this brand. See link below