January 03, 2009

國際圍巾交換7 - ISE7

是的, 我又參加了[國際圍巾交換]. 這第七回可是左盼右顧的總算登場. 我的下游密友住在暖和的佛羅里達州. 從依媚兒裡的交往中看來人不錯, 喜歡中性"地球色調" (earth tone), 希望打給她的圍巾不會太暖.

Yes, I am participating in the long waited "International Scarf Exchange 7" again. My downstream pal lives in a warmer place. From the e-mail correspondence, it sounds like she is very nice. She likes earthy tones, and does not want her scarf to be too warm.

我有竹纖/羊毛混紡的線, 顏色是洋蘇草綠(sage green), 織圖則是我自己設計的"春花圍巾"以符合這次交換的主題. 希望密友會喜歡.

I got bamboo/wool blend yarn and the colour is sage green, the pattern is my new design "Spring Flower Scarf" to match the theme of this exchange. I hope she will like it.

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