January 22, 2009

[FO] Après Christmas 襪子完成

They are done! They are Done!! My first pair of socks ever!!
Pardon my excitement. I remember last year when people asked me whether I would knit socks, my reply was "not likely I will ever knit socks!" Well, slap me for saying so. I humbly beg your forgiveness for such a "un-educated" reply.
Now that I knitted my first pair, I think I am totally hooked!

完成了! 完成了! 我生平第一雙襪子!!
對不起, 我如此的興奮! 記得去年有人問我是否會織襪子, 我回"不可能吧." 在此很謙誠的恭請各位原諒我當時那樣無知的回答.
織完這一雙襪子後, 我想我上癮了!!

Side view/旁觀

Top of the sock pattern view/鳥瞰織圖花樣

I am now very looking forward to my next pair of socks, knitting with TKA's knitters.

Oh, must not forget the update on my ISE7 scarf .
喔! 差點忘了報告ISE7 圍巾進度.

ISE7 圍巾進度到目前為止算是很順利. 打完150段後約有20公分 x 60 公分, 差不多是超過1/3完成. 打蕾絲打久了, 其他花樣打起來就不是很帶勁, 所以連這次的圍巾都自己設計花樣了.

ISE7 scarf is progressing nicely. After Row 150, there's 20cm in width, and 60cm in length, a bit over 1/3 completed. After knitting just about everything lace for a few years, nothing else seems to tickle my fancy, so even the scarf designs are lace patterns.

這次的交換主題是[春花] 因為希望在二月底三月初能看到早春的花盛開. 所以蕾絲花樣也就函了花蕾, 花苞, 花葉與柵欄.

The theme for the exchange is [Spring Flowers], as we hope to see early blooms by end February/early March, so the patterns include flower buds, blooms, leaves & picket fences.

This is the beginning of the picket fences.

花苞 flower buds

花蕾 Blooms

再來就要打花葉的部位. 這條圍巾要一氣呵成, 所以打完花葉以後所有的花式要倒過來打, 將才不會花樣顛倒. 希望一切順利.

I will be knitting leaves from here. As this scarf is knitted from one end to the other, after leaves, all patterns will have to be knitted up side down so that the patterns won't look funny. Hopefully I will not encounter any problems. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a nice pair of socks.
I can't even tell it's your first try. The pattern and the colour goes so well. Can't wait to see your next pair.

Happy 牛 year

Daphne ( you know who)

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