June 17, 2009

Cold Mountain Stole Update 冷峰批巾進度

Just finished Row 5 of the 4th repeat (Chart A) so I thought it's a good time to post a update.
剛剛打完 圖A 第四個重複的第五段, 可以先做個進度報告.

Weather has been getting warmer each day, so the progress is slow. However, it's a cloudy and cooler today, I should be able to knit a bit more.
天氣漸漸的熱起來所以進度不快. 不過今天滿涼快的應該可以多織些.

W 16-1/4" by L 15-3/4"/寬 41.5cm x 長 40cm

Close shot of the pattern/花樣近照

Look! Someone (kitten) is helping, again!!
看! 又有"人" (貓弟) 來幫忙!!

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twoknitwit said...

yours is turning out beautifully ~ the purple and green look like the inside of a seashell (abalone?) ~ it's very pretty ;)