June 04, 2009

[FO/完成] Cotton Candy Socks 棉花糖襪

I started knitting before leaving for Italy end of April, and finished the first sock shortly after arriving in Milan, then went into "siesta" mode, hardly knitted at all for the month of May.

Came home last Friday, finally picked it up again, now the socks are done!

這雙四月底去義大利前開打的, 到了米蘭後完成了第一隻. 然後進入"午休"狀態, 一整個五月幾乎都沒摸棒針.

上星期五回來後, 東摸西摸的, 又很對不起的將襪子拿起繼續織, 總算完成了.

With a Difference heel/不一樣的腳底

Now~ onto the next project

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