June 13, 2009

[FO/完成] Bora Bora Island Socks 博拉島襪

I just love how these socks turned out. Bright colours and the simple lace pattern, a true match in the heaven.

亮麗的顏色與簡單的蕾絲花樣, 真的是絕配! 愛死這雙襪子了!!

Start Date/開工日: 2009-06-04
End Date/完工日: 2009-06-10

Normally I don't like my socks with high cuffs, but in order to show off the pattern, I knitted them about 2" higher.

通常我不喜歡襪筒太高, 可是為了要顯示出蕾絲花樣, 多織了約4.5公分.

Even the kitten came to check out my socks.

A quick update on my Cold Mountain Stole:

Completed the first 30 rows + 6 rows of second repeat
打完前30段 + 第二次重複的前6段

I ended up not using the dark purple beads because they were too small :( However, the other beads turn out not bad at all.

結果因為尺寸太小我無法使用深紫色的珠珠 :( 不過另外的那組珠珠也不錯看喔.


azzuka said...

great socks and lovely lovely kitten!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, gorgeous stole and love the socks... AND KITTY!! Meow...

Margaret said...

Thank you~

Lisa: How are you?
Thank you, and yes, the kitty is poking his nose everywhere.